Best Miniature Golf Course

Rocky Gorge Mini-Golf & Batting Cage
U.S. Route 29 & Old Columbia Road, Laurel, Md.; (301) 725-0888
The corny humor of Rocky George’s motto—the family-friendly spot is “the place for swingers”—can be easily overlooked. Of course, there’s a hole based around a replica of the Washington Monument that reinforces Rocky Gorge’s D.C. pedigree, but everything else (a miniature lighthouse, a singing Christmas tree) makes you wonder if you’ve bent the fabric of space and time and accidentally landed on the Narnia fairway. Plus, there’s an extra hole set atop an incline where putters can race against the gradually rolling ball to see who gets to the cup first. Shooting under par is a fool’s errand, but the 19-hole course is spacious enough to allow for leisurely play. And the admission price—$4 for as long as anyone can remember—is as recession-proof as it gets.