Best Head Shop

Capitol Hemp
1802 Adams Mill Road; (202) 332-8191
Do you like marijuana? Don’t answer that question, because the folks at Capitol Hemp will have to ask you to leave if it looks like you are even thinking about saying “Yes.” The “let’s pretend you’re not gonna smoke some dank keef when you leave here” defense is SOP for most American head shops, but especially for Capitol Hemp. It sells perfectly legal scratchy-looking hemp clothes, features scholarly-looking books by and about dreadlocked anarcho-communists, runs on 100 percent wind power, and, if you’re 18 or older, will sell you some badass-looking glass for a decent price. Those looking to break into the water-pipe market on the cheap can start with the Delta 9, a beaker-style bong equipped with glass catch and tilted neck, which cost this connoisseur a cool $80. Religious smokers, I-bankers, and trust-fund douchebags can spring for the high-quality Illadelph line, whose pipes start in the mid-$200s and run north of a grand-and-a-half.