Best Chinatown Bus Service

Bolt Bus
Sure, it’s nearly impossible to get one of those dollar seats, but Bolt Bus is still the best choice for a cheap trip out of town. Unheard-of benefits—legroom! WiFi and power outlets! Functional bathrooms!—mean that the bus trips are fit for kings, or at least anyone with enough foresight to bring along a laptop, headphones, and a few DVDs. (Some advice: Don’t use the bathroom during stop-and-go traffic jams, your highness.) The rules of Bolt Bus are simple: The earlier you grab your ticket, the cheaper the price and the earlier you board. But procrastinators fret not, because ticket prices are capped at $25 and seats are guaranteed to all ticketholders. Plus, customers rarely experience the late bus arrivals and inconsistent travel times that plague some of Bolt Bus’ competitors. Buses depart from the Convention Center parking lot and Union Station to New York, Baltimore, and Philadelphia. You’ll never want to travel between mid-Atlantic cities any other way.