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Rain boots
It’s spring, you’re new here, and as soon as you step in your first puddle and are forced to squish and slosh the rest of your way to work in your soggy shoes, you will heed this advice: Buy a pair of rain boots. While we’re no Seattle, spring in D.C. is pretty rainy, and you’ll spend way more time walking in it than you ever anticipated. That’s when you’ll notice a parade of Washingtonians in colorful, expensive rain boot patterns from Burberry check to yellow Hunter wellies to those J. Crew ones with the tiny whales. But all of your water-resistant footwear needs can be met at Target, where rain boots come in dozens of shades and patterns and cost a mere $25—a small price to pay for the insurance that you will not slip and wipe out at the bottom of the Metro escalators in your spongy, tractionless ballet flats. But if that’s the situation you find yourself facing, make sure that you fall on the standing side, so the walkers can get by, please.