Best Turntable Mechanic

Best: Just buy a new one
2nd Best: Audio Clinic Inc./ACI Home Theater Solutions
12160 Tech Road, Silver Spring, (301) 622-1705
Turntables are just not very sturdy. They are fickle. They can suddenly play records at slightly higher speed. (Forget about weighing down your vinyl platters with pennies; that won’t help things.) The belt could go out. The motor could start making this weird grinding noise. Your best bet is to buy a new turntable at Guitar Center or Crooked Beat. Your second-best fix: Audio Clinic Inc/ACI Home Theater Solutions located in Silver Spring. These audiophiles have been in business for 40 years. They have seen all the usual problems. “Anything from belts to needles, anything that might make it not run,” says Fred Powell, 51, the shop’s head of custom operations. “We do all forms of audio here, especially that nifty old stuff that people like to hang on to.” In other words, they can keep your old Technics or Kenwood alive.