Best Spiritual Hedge-Bet

Best: Supporting Israel because you believe it will be the site of the Rapture
2nd Best: Buying a Christmas tree from Licking Creek Bend Farm in Needmore, Pa.
Every year in December, Mike Tabor of Takoma Park sells Christmas trees at the Adams Morgan farmers market. And proceeds from the evergreens—grown naturally on a worker-owned farm, never over-pruned into flawless cones—helped put his kids through Jewish day school. Tabor, who is Jewish, says he gets the irony. But if he preaches anything, it’s sustainable agriculture. The pines, spruces, and firs he began planting in 1973 on otherwise barren land fit his “ideological, not money-making” goal of eco-friendliness on the farm, which is just over the Pennsylvania border near Hagerstown. Tabor believes the terrestrial benefit of growing Christmas trees this way is more important than any religious differences. From mid-May until Christmas, Licking Creek Bend Farm sells organically grown fruits and vegetables at the Adams Morgan market; families can plant Christmas trees at the farm starting in April.