Best Mini Golf Course

Best: East Potomac Park
972 Ohio Dr. SW, (202) 554-7660
2nd Best: Upton Hill Regional Park
6060 Wilson Blvd., Arlington, (703) 534-3437
The top mini-golf course in the area is the classic at Hains Point. The course doesn’t have goofy themes, nor does it boast a commercial jingle (a la Putt-Putt). It’s a serious set of 18 holes. Not all of the holes are par-3s. Ratio of holes to club-throwing moments: 6:1. If you view mini-golf as a noncompetitive sport, your best bet is Upton Hill, which offers all the bells and whistles (waterfalls, steep drop-offs, aquatic gardens) you’d want. If club-throwing is still an issue, you can always wander across the parking lot and hit Upton’s batting cages.