Best Ramen Without the Wait

Ren’s Ramen
11403 Amherst Ave, Wheaton
Rarely do I encourage people to leave the District to visit a suburban strip mall, but when it comes to ramen, I make an exception. After all, it is in the name of science. Here’s the experiment: Head to Toki Underground on a Friday night. Put your name in for a table. Then haul ass out to Wheaton and grab a seat at the unassuming Ren’s. Order a ramen, any ramen, but make sure to add the fatty pork and boiled egg—it’s stewed overnight in cold soy sauce and weirdly delicious. Eat. Pay. Return to Toki. I bet your table’s still not ready. And really, who cares if it is? The soup at Ren’s is at least as good, and you haven’t blown $20 bucks on beers while waiting to be called.