Best Hangover Brunch

Kangaroo Boxing Club
3410 11th St. NW
On any given weekend, the considerable brunch options on 11th Street NW—and the considerable lines that clog their doorways—can be enough to reinduce a waning hangover. The waits aren’t necessarily shorter at Kangaroo Boxing Club, the spiky barbecue joint that graduated from food truck to brick and mortar last year, but the offerings are particularly fine-tuned for a sloppy morning. Order the Johnny Cake Platter, and make sure you’ve got extra napkins. Have your eggs sunny side up or over easy—you’ll want to soak up the yolk with those cornmeal cakes. Pulled pork or pastrami? Doesn’t matter, but make sure you’re dousing it in Kangaroo Boxing Club’s sweet, spicy sauce. And start with coffee—there’ll be time for a beer at the end of your meal, after you’ve soothed your gurgling stomach with God’s own hangover cure.