Best Chipotle

Woodley Park Chipotle
2600 Connecticut Ave. NW
Photograph by Darrow Montgomery

There are as many ways for a Chipotle to fail as there are ways to make a burrito. The fast casual restaurant can be too busy (Columbia Heights), or it can be conspicuously not busy enough (Cleveland Park). It can be teetering on the verge of collapse (Verizon Center), or it can be so clean that the metallic tabletops shine too brightly (Cleveland Park, again). There is only one way to be the best Chipotle, though, and that is with consistent burrito-wrapping skills. Despite the increasing popularity of burrito bowls, the final twist of the 290-calorie tortilla (yes, that’s 290 calories just from the tortilla) is still Chipotle’s first miracle. With a perfect wrap, the customer marvels at how such an oozing food baby could be swaddled so neatly. Without it, the sour cream and salsa turn into an unappetizing soup at the bottom of the bag. It’s as important to the process as that giant tortilla oven, and of course, every Chipotle has that. The Woodley Park Chipotle doesn’t always get the wrap right, but they get it more than everyone else. Mild, medium, and hot, please.