Best Brewery

3 Stars Brewing Company
6400 Chillum Pl. NW
Photograph by Darrow Montgomery

In D.C.’s small, supportive, and growing beer scene, every new brew is worth celebrating. But with three functioning production breweries and at least two more coming—not to mention Right Proper, an ambitious, avant-garde-minded brewpub—it’s also beginning to feel mature enough to stand some internal competition. So consider this a thrown gauntlet: In 2013, 3 Stars is the best brewery in D.C. It’s also the most interesting, having carved out a reputation for bold flavors with its palatably out-there concoctions—like the tongue-tingling Peppercorn Saison; a steady stream of collaborations; and a trio of dark, high-alcohol creations that make the case for chocolate as a subtle ingredient. The only thing that’s even better about D.C.’s brewing scene? It’s dynamic enough that even 3 Stars isn’t a lock for 2014.