Best Wine Bar

Best: Cork
1720 14th St. NW, (202) 265-2675
2nd Best: Sonoma Restaurant and Wine Bar
223 Pennsylvania Ave. SE, (202) 544-8088 ania Ave. SE, (202) 544-8088
Cork’s wines-by-the-glass program is the most extensive in the city, making it an inviting challenge for even the most ambitious of D.C.’s many vino lovers. The atmosphere, if you hit it at the right time, is pretty much perfect for an after-work gathering with friends who are up to the challenge, as well. Sonoma Restaurant and Wine Bar, by contrast, has a relatively short list, often with only two choices per region, but it’s very focused and carefully chosen. The display, too, is user-friendly (describing the wines by body) and the choice of serving size (3.5 oz., glass, and bottle) encourages experimentation. A wine bar’s obligation to the customer is to offer many wines—by the glass and by the bottle—and include a few dinners/tastings and other chances to discover new wines. Sonoma, by this measure, is a solid choice.