Best Way to Pick Someone Up

Best: Fate
2nd Best: Spend 10 bucks at Recessions.
1823 L St. NW, (202) 296-6686
It is far preferable to locate future sex partners on idyllic picnicking excursions, in coincidental textbook-spilling hallway collisions, or in the safety of your own home. That being said, it’s a lot easier to find people to have sex with in poorly lit locales with cheap beer, and Recessions is my favorite one of those. Recessions offers you your pick of the District, depending on what sort of hook-up you’d prefer to soon regret. You’ve got your Intern Hook-Up (gone by your summer). Your Regular Patron Hook-Up (for those who have vowed to never set foot inside Recessions again). Your Dude Who Sings Madonna’s “Borderline” at Karaoke Hook-Up (because he’s there). Your Large-Breasted Topless Lady Hook-Up (she costs a quarter and is available exclusively inside the Erotic Photo Hunt Machine). Buy each of them one of Recessions’ ubiquitous King Kong beers, and they’ll be yours for the evening. Or, you can think better of it, throw back both of the beers yourself, trip slightly on the walk home, and hope to fall unexpectedly in to the love-of-your-evening’s arms. Either way, the exercise shouldn’t cost you more than a 10-spot and a bit of dignity.