Best Salad

Best: BLT Steak
1625 I St. NW, (202) 689-8999
2nd Best: Restaurant Eve
110 S. Pitt St., Alexandria, (703) 706-0450
Salads are pegged as healthy menu items, yet they’re most memorable when dainty greens are jacked up with cheese and other calorie bombs. Cobb-style lobster salad at BLT Steak, no exception to the rule, is a favorite for obvious reasons—layered with avocado, egg, bacon, fried shallots, and lobster on a bed of arugula, watercress, and iceberg, then drizzled with buttermilk dressing—it’s decadent, fattening, and delicious.Restaurant Eve’s confit salad is almost as indulgent, yet it’s a feel-good and good-for-you salad, since come spring, most of the veggies are fresh picked from the garden behind Eve’s Tasting Room. Sure, you’ve eaten salads made with fresh, local ingredients elsewhere. But unless you have a garden at home, veggies this crisp and sweet are a rare treat. Paired with a leg of pheasant, duck, or chicken, the confit salad is a regular on the Lickety-Split menu at the recession-friendly price of $13.50. It’s also apt to sell out, so order early.