Best Reason to Drive South on I-95

Best: Visiting Savannah, Ga., which allows sidewalk drinking
2nd Best: Buz and Ned’s Real Barbecue
1119 N. Boulevard, Richmond, Va. 804-355-6055
Buz and Ned’s, a short hop from Exit 78, seems too inclusive, too urban, too nice inside to live up to its name. There’s no weird shed spewing smoke out back, no GPS-challenging miles-long drive through a forest, and no need to get there by 8 a.m. before it sells out. But Buz and Ned’s catholic influences—eastern North Carolina, Texas, with a little Tennessee and Kansas City in the smoky air—belie its ability to turn out some of the finest barbecue outside of the style’s established meccas. Nothing here touches the pulled-pork sandwich, which is best with slaw and sauce, though friends have been pleased with the brisket; I do not recommend the chicken. A bonus: Photos of Bobby Flay dot the dining room, some with questionable inscriptions thanking Buz and Ned’s for kicking his ass. You’ll feel the same.