Best Obama-Themed Drink

Best: Pepsi (the “Obama will refresh our nation” campaign)
2nd Best: The Obama Rama Martini
Medaterra, 2614 Connecticut Ave. NW, (202) 797-0400
Shepard Fairey isn’t the only one who’s ridden Obama’s coattails to marketing Elysium. Take Medaterra Bistro in Woodley Park, where, in the thick of the 2008 presidential campaign, the managers decided to rename the “Banana Rama” martini the “Obama Rama” martini. (Presumably they conceived the idea after knocking back five or six of the former.) The drink itself—banana liqueur, big shot of vodka, ice-cold cranberry juice, splash of pineapple juice—was always delish, according to manager Angela Aly. Perhaps that’s why, after massive popularity in ’08, the drink has continued to sell. The drink’s nemesis, the “Sugar McCain” (aka “Russian lemonade”), gave it a run for its money. On a chalkboard out front, Medaterra kept track of how many it sold of each. “People sometimes would come in and order a couple Obamas if they saw that McCain was gaining,” Aly says.