Best Meal Deal

Best: Restaurant Eve’s Lickety Split
110 S Pitt St., Alexandria, (703) 706-0450
2nd Best: Ravi Kabob I and II
I: 305 N Glebe Road, Arlington, (703) 522-6666 / II: 250 N Glebe Road, Arlington, (703) 816-0222
It can’t be denied that the greatest value in D.C-area dining is Restaurant Eve’s Lickety-Split lunch. Four-star meals for $13.50 is a steal even when it’s based on last night’s leftovers. But if a buttery braised shortrib sammich doesn’t strike your fancy, check out Ravi Kabab I and II. Straddling Glebe Road just outside Ballston, the sister restaurants turn out an impressive karahi. Spiked with loads of black pepper and sweet cilantro, this chicken dish easily feeds two for $19.99. The lamb karahi yields tender perfectly cooked meat in the same rich tomato sauce. Seven different fragrant and smoky kebabs also grace the menu, with varieties like Seekh (ground sirloin and onion) Chapal (beef burger cooked on grill) and other traditional cuts. At $9 a plate, served with bread, rice, a salad, and chutney, these kebabs pack in serious flavor on the cheap.