Best Ironically Named Dish

Best: Foggy Bottom Market Salad at Westend Bistro
1190 22nd St. NW, (202) 974-4900
2nd Best: The Best Spicy Hot Chicken at Golden Dragon Restaurant
3616 King St., Alexandria (703) 575-8079
The Foggy Bottom farmers market runs from April through November, and this salad has been on Westend’s menu all winter. But we are here to talk about spicy chicken. The best I ever had was at Prince Hot Chicken Shack in Nashville, Tenn., which was worth the suffering I endured over several subsequent days. So Golden Dragon’s Best Spicy Hot Chicken is not the best spicy hot chicken, but it’s possibly the best available. Its wide noodles and tasty breast strips convey flavor and heat in roughly equal percentages, and I always end up reminiscing about the dish for a couple days afterward. Fortunately, the portion size is so comically huge that I can still eat off my order for most of that time.