Best Fish Market

Best: Black Salt
4883 Macarthur Blvd., (202) 342-9101
2nd Best: El Gande International Supermarket
6901 Hechinger Dr., Springfield, Va., (703) 256-5201
Black Salt’s seemingly endless variety paired with its knowledgeable and friendly staff sets this fish counter apart. But when you’re not looking to spend a hefty sum on Hawaiian jumbo prawns or you need hard-to-find seafood, the area’s Asian groceries provide a fabulous value. The high inventory turnover at these markets mean you’re getting seriously fresh fish. Leading the way is El Grande International Supermarket on Hechinger Drive in Springfield. Ignore the tilapia swimming in tanks and check out the red snapper with their jet-black eyes and the fresh smell of the sea. That several fish, including salmon, are offered at sashimi grade is a testament to a place that takes freshness and quality seriously.