Best Deal in Adams Morgan

Best: Wednesday’s Cheese Sandwich Special at Toledo Lounge
2435 18th St. NW, (202) 986-5416
2nd Best: Wednesday’s Lounge Dog Special at Toledo Lounge
If it’s been awhile since you turned over a check after an evening of beers and better-than-average bar food and found yourself amazed at the low, low prices, get in line. And then get to Toledo Lounge on a Wednesday night. Cold pints of draft beers are a paltry two bucks; rail drinks (not the good stuff, you dolt) are one buck more (until 8 or 9 p.m., depending on who’s working). Almost as good is the food. Toledo is the rare bar that doesn’t buy frozen fries from Sysco or wherever. Here, they’re hand-cut and ample with both of Wednesday’s half-price “entrée” specials (which last until 11 p.m.). On this front, the grilled cheese is far and away the way to go. It may not take a graduate from L’Academie de Cuisine to slap a couple of slices of American between bread and fry it up in an unhealthy amount of butter, but at Toledo, the grilled cheese is pretty much perfect every time, especially with a nice slice of tomato slid in there. Less memorable but still tasty is the “lounge dog,” a hot dog split down the middle, grilled up, and served in a toasty bun. The dog’s what to do when that small carnivore on your shoulder is whispering that there is such a thing as too much cheese. If you listen to him, you get the dog, some of the city’s best fries, and, let’s say, four delicious beers—all for about 12 bucks.