Best Chocolate Shop

Best: Biagio Fine Chocolate
1904 18th St. NW, (202)328-1506
2nd Best: Artfully Chocolate Kingsbury Confections
1529 14th St. NW, (202) 387-2626
The sparse elegance of Biagio Fine Chocolate, located in a small basement shop between T and Florida Streets, puts the focus on what’s inside: amazing products created by chocolatiers both worldly and local. Where co-owner and namesake Biagio Abbatiello could make a chocolate rube feel like, well, a chocolate rube, he is instead welcoming to Hershey-lovers and refined palates alike. In direct contrast with the vibe at Biagio is ACKC, the chocolate riot act on 14th Street. Here pinks crash into reds in a place packed with the crazy art of owner Eric Nelson. But among the cupcakes and the signs for knitting classes, the Wonka bars and the body frosting, there lurks some wonderful stuff: dark chocolate bars shot through with garam masala, artful sugar crèmes, triple-crème brie combined with dark chocolate and dipped in toasted black sesame seeds.…I could go on but my mouth is watering. Truffles are $1.95 for a single, $12 for six (boxed), so the good stuff isn’t cheap and is mostly the work of local chocolatier Rob Kingsbury, who had a store in Alexandria before merging with ACKC. His truffles are best savored somewhere more peaceful than the Logan Circle shop, although the bar stools there are just fine for a hot chocolate or its frozen counterpart.