Best (Underground) DMV Mixtape

Shy Glizzy, Fxck Rap

In the classroom of DMV hip-hop, Shy Glizzy began as a disruptive presence. He was all about Twitter beef, excited to make enemies and plant flags. By the December release of his mixtape, Fxck Rap, Glizzy had cultivated a fanbase of fiercely loyal young kids, who now trumpet their fandom with T-shirts emblazoned with “Glizzy Gang.” It’s easy to understand his popularity: Fxck Rap is amoral, paranoid, and deeply aware of the threats that lurk close by. Glizzy raps about his Uncle Stu’s cocaine problem, his run-ins with violence, and his bad behavior at school (he claims to have been booted from four D.C. schools and one in Maryland). Throughout the tape’s lean 12 tracks, his choruses take the shape of simple and frequently downcast slogans, and the beats are from obscure dudes—Nard N B, AllSteezy, Rico Beats, Mayo, Basement Beatz—that paint a haunting backdrop for Glizzy’s autobiographical blues and toasts to binge balling. Beneath it all, there’s a ring of desperation: Glizzy’s father was murdered at 19, and Glizzy recently turned 20.