Best Interactive Smithsonian Exhibit

O. Orkin Insect Zoo at the Natural History Museum
10th Street and Constitution Avenue NW
Photograph by Darrow Montgomery
Touching a moon rock is so lame. After all, it’s probably just a piece of earth that split away billions of years ago, only to be brought back by astronauts, put on display at the Air and Space Museum, and touched by every greasy-fingered tourist who visits D.C. If you’re really into touching things at the Smithsonian, head across the National Mall to the Natural History Museum. Skip the overpriced butterfly garden, go up to the second floor to the O. Orkin Insect Zoo, and hang out in the demonstration area. Usually there’s some kindly old men volunteering who will let you hold a gross-looking cockroach from Madagascar, or a Malaysian leaf bug, which looks amazingly similar to a real leaf. Hey, moon, when’s the last time you looked like a fucking leaf? Yeah. Didn’t think so.