Best Way to Spend a Sunday Morning

“Talk Cinema” at AFI Silver
8633 Colesville Rd., Silver Spring
@afisilver on Twitter
For young Turks, Sunday morning has a way of stretching itself out into the mid-afternoon, a hazy purgatory filled with greasy eggs, electrolyte-filled energy drinks, and bottomless regret. Those with a bit more self-control will enjoy “Talk Cinema,” the AFI’s monthly series that, on the first Sunday of every month, previews an unnamed film yet to be released (AFI usually posts hints the week prior). Over the past few months, intrepid early risers have been treated to heavy-hitters like The Artist, Le Havre, and Melancholia weeks before they landed in local theaters. Afterward, curator Harlan Jacobson leads a post-screening discussion with an AARP-ish crowd that ranges from introspective to ridiculous. Although “Talk Cinema” is technically a subscription series, tickets are available at the door for all screenings. My advice? Come to the theater with cash in hand, so as not to spill the latte you’re artfully trying to smuggle in.