Best Place to Eat Three Meals, Get Sauced, and Watch a Band

IOTA Club & Café
2832 Wilson Blvd., Arlington
@iotaclub on Twitter
If you want to spend 15 hours at IOTA, you can do that. Here’s what it might look like: 8 a.m., order a bagel with lox and a cappuccino. Cozy up with a copy of Washington City Paper, conveniently offered near the entrance. Mosey out to the outdoor seating area for a little rush-hour people-watching. Around noon, it feels like lunchtime. How about an avocado-gruyere smasher served with coleslaw and potato sticks? Perfecto! More newspaper reading, more caffeine. Chit-chat with the always friendly people behind the counter. Eventually, a dinner of Carolina fried chicken arrives—with beers. Lots of beers. An Ommegang Hennepin Ale in warm weather; a Bell’s Special Double Cream Stout in the cold; a Fat Tire whenever. Keep drinking until a band—probably in the Americana vein—starts playing, usually around 8:30 p.m. Pay the reasonable admission fee. Watch. Chill. Go home around 11 p.m. It’s just another day well-spent at Clarendon’s best all-purpose hangout spot.