Best New Practice Space

Dangerously Delicious Pies
You can’t call today’s D.C. post-industrial, because it was never really industrial. It’s not easy to find a place for your band to practice, and it’s only getting harder as rents rise and raw space, like the recently shuttered Gold Leaf Studios, disappears. One possible solution for space-strapped indie rockers? Let them eat pie. Steve McKeever, the owner of Dangerously Delicious Pies on H Street NE, is surely sympathetic: He plays in the longstanding turbobilly group The Glenmont Popes. McKeever built three practice studios in a former garage behind the pie shop, which beginning this month, bands can book for $25 an hour. (The rooms are equipped with PA systems, drum kits, and amps.) “We’re sandwiched between an auto body shop and car parts shop, so this is a perfect spot for bands to come and make some noise,” McKeever says.

Correction: This story originally misstated the price of the practice space.