Best Exception to Reunion Fatigue (tie)

Black Tambourine and The Make-Up
You can feel all kinds of squishy about your favorite historic indie-rock acts getting the band back together for a feel-good cash-in, but it’s hard to begrudge D.C. favorites Black Tambourine and The Make-Up for reassembling this spring. The former barely existed in the first place: In the late ’80s and early ’90s, the Slumberland Records group only played a handful of shows and set to tape a mere handful of songs—all of which, posthumously, became foundational artifacts of noisy indie pop, and a blueprint for a large swath of the sugar-sweet lo-fi music made in recent years. The group (which includes one member who works at City Paper) performs April 7 at Artisphere as part of an anniversary celebration for the zine chickfactor. As for The Make-Up: The Ian Svenonius-led “gospel yeh-yeh” outfit is playing shows in England and New Jersey for two All Tomorrow’s Parties festivals, but technically, the reunion is research. Svenonius, a rock ‘n’ roll philosopher as much as he’s a punk preacher, is writing a how-to guide to forming a rock band.