Best Bluegrass Jam

First Sundays at O Street Mansion
2020 O St. NW
Woe to the banjo-plucker without a car—the D.C. metro area hosts plenty of bluegrass and old-time jams, but they all require trips to the suburbs. At least that was the case before urban pickers found a home at the O Street Mansion in Dupont Circle. The first Sunday of every month, a couple dozen musicians convene at the bed-and-breakfast to play folk songs, fiddle tunes, and, occasionally, some classic rock. The mansion is even more eclectic than the music, as the three row houses overflow with campy antiques and artifacts, including a chair with cow’s horns and flock of pink, plastic flamingos. Forgot your guitar? No problem. Musicians can tune up any Gibson they find laying around—except, of course, the one Bob Dylan signed.