Best Unrequited Reunion

Q and Not U/El Guapo (tie)
Our revisiting of the District’s late-’90s/early-aughts era of indie rock shouldn’t end with The Dismemberment Plan. Enter Q and Not U, which disbanded in 2005. The members have been busy, but there’s no compelling reason why we shouldn’t get to clap along to “A Line in the Sand” once again. Singer Chris Richards, now the pop critic of The Washington Post, has been professionally obligated to attend countless reunions, so he should know how to do it right. And his bandmates Harris Klahr and John Davis—both still musically active and living along the Northeast Corridor—should only need a few practices to get in shape for Fort Reno this summer. One requisite: A Q and Not U reunion wouldn’t be complete sans an opening set from the equally defunct El Guapo, later known as Supersystem (the group included Washington City Paper contributor Justin Moyer). Even the most topical numbers among El Guapo’s oddball dance jams still sound ahead of their time.
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