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Defining a “D.C. sound” is something of a folly these days, Moombahton notwithstanding. Still, you’d think a band like Give, with its not-exactly-hardcore but not-exactly-not-hardcore aesthetic, would have no trouble finding a sizable audience in this historically not-exactly-hardcore town—but not so. It might be self-fulfilling, as the group mostly books non-club shows and has quite the un-Google-able Internet presence. The band’s handful of singles are solid, but live, Give is nothing short of furious. At a memorable performance at Fort Reno last summer—in which friends stood behind the group waving oversized letters that spelled out the band’s name—these longhairs proved they also have a sense of humor. Give sets have become a fixture in certain DIY circles in D.C.; here’s hoping those circles expand soon.
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