Best Recent Dischord Release

Medications’ Completely Removed
Actually, Completely Removed is the only new Dischord release in recent memory, but considering the album’s potency, it’s as if the label’s scarce output was in fact an intentional ploy to brace post-punk fans for maximum impact—a stunt typical of the notoriously gimmick-heavy Dischord marketing department. OK, kidding aside: Five years after Medications’ last record, Completely Removed is a subtle but rewarding reinvention, in which the band pairs its knack for knotty math-rock technicality with clean, tuneful harmonies. Outside of a few shouts in the press, the album’s 2010 release came and went with little fanfare, while Washington City Paper chronicled Medications’ difficulty securing shows around the country without a booking agent. Yet, even though Completely Removed didn’t get the adulation it deserves, songs like “Long Day” and “Tame on the Prowl” make the album a standout within the canon of an enduring D.C. institution.
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