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Yeah, we know Oddisee moved to Brooklyn last year. We also know he’s not hung up on local accolades and top 10 lists: He was a big critic of WKYS’ list of the DMV’s “hottest” rappers in December, even though it placed him and his Diamond District bandmates at No. 3. But Oddisee made his name here. He’s a dope MC with a slurred lyrical drawl (“Born in D.C., raised in Muurlynn”) and, with his soulful boom-bap and drum-heavy compositions, one of the most talented producers the area has ever seen. Others feel the same way. Oddisee is the executive producer of Substantial’s forthcoming album, Mr. Robinson’s Neighborhood. His beats for out-of-towners Trek Life and Olivier Daysoul oscillate between energetic and atmospheric. He’s currently crafting the soundtrack for Diamond District’s sophomore record, March on Washington, dropping later this year. Most important: Oddissee will finally release his proper solo debut, People Hear What They See, in May. If it’s up there with his usual work, he’ll get local notices no matter where he lives.
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