Best Microgenre for Slowing Your Roll

Moombahton/Slow Bounce (tie)
Moombahton is what happens when you pitch down Dutch house music so that it resembles reggaeton. Slow bounce is basically half-speed go-go. Moombahton is precise and summery, an energetic but easy-feeling EDM subgenre invented—or perhaps discovered, like an element—by D.C. DJ Dave Nada. Slow bounce is soupy and psychedelic, go-go’s answer to the chopped and screwed remix. Moombahton is one of underground dance music’s buzziest flavors, with dozens of practitioners and an upcoming compilation on the influential Mad Decent label. You can travel to clubs, mostly in the ’burbs, to see slow bounce, or you can hear it via choppy YouTube clips. The kids seem to be digging both microgenres, so it’s high time someone blended them. We can call it Moombahbounce.
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