Best Metal Guitarist Who Couldn’t Stay Away

Mick Barr
Mick Barr is one-fourth of Krallice, one of the best metal bands from New York. So what’s he doing back in D.C.? Fans of avant-garde metal might remember that Orthrelm, the guitarist’s speed-skronk duo with drummer Josh Blair, was once based in Mount Pleasant. But, even though Orthrelm has reformed to play a festival curated by Animal Collective, Barr isn’t in town to make more metal. “I came down here to focus on writing a string quartet,” he says via email. Ever unpredictable, the guitar wiz found a “sweet deal” on a rental in Falls Church, where he’s been living since the summer. Barr commutes up to New York about once a month for band practice, and will pick up the pace when Krallice releases its third slab of epic black metal, }Diotima, in the spring.
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