Best Korean Norebang

Café Muse, Muzette
7356 Little River Turnpike, Annandale, (703) 658-9351; 2305 18th St. NW, (202) 758-2971
Sure, you can do karaoke anywhere now. But those plagued with stage fright or a shred of self-respect may balk at doing their Sir Mix-A-Lot routine to a bar full of strangers. That’s where norebang, meaning “singing room,” comes to the rescue. This Korean version of karaoke takes place in private rooms, so you only have to embarrass yourself in front of half a dozen of your closest friends. The area’s best norebang has long been Café Muse, an unassuming storefront in a strip mall in Annandale, whose rooms can seat parties of four, nine, or 15, and boasts a selection of 70,000 songs in Korean, English, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese, and Thai. The only problem: Its non-Metro-accessible location is forbidding for D.C. residents without cars. Thankfully, owner Sohee Kim opened a second location, Muzette, in Adams Morgan in December. The new space offers the same massive music library, and has a full restaurant and liquor license. Privacy, table service with bulgogi and soju, and you don’t have to drive home...after the fourth soju shot, you’ll be belting them out like a contestant on the Korean Broadcast System’s Housewife Singing Contest.
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