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Giovanni Russonello, just out of college and back in his hometown, kept surprising his friends and acquaintances with the news that there’s a healthy and growing jazz scene in D.C. To make his point, he started last summer, primarily to maintain a calendar of concerts and club gigs. But the site quickly flowered beyond rote scheduling info—Russonello has made CapitalBop the core of a tireless mission of advocating for local jazz. He runs stories that highlight venues, players, and events; previews visiting artists by commissioning local musicians to interview them; and enlisted Luke Stewart, a multi-talented experimental musician, to cover the avant-garde angle as a staff writer. More recently, the project has expanded into organizing the D.C. Jazz Loft, an ongoing series of DIY jazz showcases at Red Door in Mount Vernon Square. Anyone who still doesn’t know there’s jazz here has only themselves to blame.
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