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The emergence this year of the D.C. Jazz Composers Collective, a non-profit designed to showcase original work by local artists, couldn’t have come at a better time. Its core members (saxophonist Bobby Muncy, pianist Gene D’Andrea, bassist Kevin Pace) are just a few of the growing number of musicians writing and performing their own stuff in and around Washington. Among others, trumpeter Joe Herrera and guitarist Rodney Richardson recently established a forum for their work; twin brothers Nate and Noble Jolley are releasing an album of self-penned tunes; and singer Lena Seikaly rolls out her own material in several projects. Some of the material is seriously ambitious, too, like Nasar Abadey’s lengthy suite “Diamond in the Rough.” Long or short, though, what’s taking shape among these hometown auteurs is the knowledge that jazz can’t survive on its past, or even its present, alone.
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