Best Go-Go Twitter Hustle

The Iverson Mall go-go retailer P.A. Palace completely bucks the conventional wisdom about interacting with customers on Twitter, but somehow its @papalace feed isn’t annoying. Most posts qualify as spam: There are ads for ringtones, go-go DVDs, show-promotion services, CD-duplication deals, and the store’s Android app, as well as regular updates about what’s playing on’s radio station—which is far from perfect. (Lots of songs show up as “Unknown Artist - Track 3.”) You won’t read many observations from store personnel or riffs on what’s happening in the scene. And you’ll rarely, if ever, see a reference to somebody else’s Twitter account. The staff does point out good content on YouTube—but not as often as it could. In short, the feed lacks an overt human touch. But that doesn’t matter; with few other options on Twitter for broad, daily go-go information (Kato Hammond’s @tmottgogo is the other obvious choice), the P.A. Palace tweets offer constant reminders that the music is part of the fabric of the DMV. If anything, that’s what the store is selling—and the hustle never gets old.
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