Best Bravo Reality Show Set in the District

The Real Housewives of D.C.
File this pick under “low bar.” Yes, The Real Housewives of D.C. chronicles the lives of people who have almost nothing to do with either the official Washington of Pennsylvania Avenue and K Street, or the neighborhoods where Andy Levy would never set foot. And yes, Housewives is responsible for unleashing the Salahis on the world. Still, for appearing rooted in a city we vaguely recognize, it’s leagues beyond Top Chef D.C., Bravo’s other reality show set here that aired last year. Most of the action on Top Chef took place in a Hinkley Hilton ballroom built to look just like the sets on every other season in the show’s history—or in Singapore, a lovely city with a vibrant street food culture that, alas, has nothing to do with ours. At least the characters on Housewives traipse around Georgetown and Dupont Circle. They may be loathsome and self-absorbed creatures, but by choosing to conduct their dopey lives in places the rest of us have seen and sometimes go to, they became our loathsome and self-absorbed creatures.
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