Best Way to Spend a Responsible Monday Night

Best: Sleep
2nd Best: The Main Ingredient DJ Jahsonic at Marvin
2007 14th St. NW, (202) 797-7171
Around 10:30 on a Monday night, the most responsible among us are probably huddled under some sort of bedspread, staring at the backs of our eyelids, trying to make sure we’re fresh for the next day’s grind. It’s great to grab those all-important, doctor-recommended eight hours of shut-eye, but you also have a responsibility to cut loose and take your workaday self out on the town every now and then. So if you’re not going to spend your Monday nights snoozing, you should definitely spend them at DJ Jahsonic’s Main Ingredient party at Marvin. The DJ rocks the rooftop and lounge of the 14th and U hotspot with golden-era hip-hop, deep soul cuts, and the finest music from D.C.’s own scene. Occasionally, Jahsonic (aka Jamil Hamilton) will even invite a special guest jock, like Soul Controller DJ Stylus, to join him. On those occasions, don’t even think about calling it an early night—call in sick the next day instead.