Best Way to Get Drenched in Stale Beer at a Rock Concert

Best: Guided by Voices show
2nd Best: The Points show
Although it’s an unattractive prospect, to say the least, the best way to get drenched in stale beer at a rock concert would probably be to stand directly in front of Rob Pollard at a Guided by Voices show. Surely the singer’s foamy, drunken spittle would coat you top to bottom by the end of the set. But it’s too late for that now—Guided by Voices broke up in 2004. The second-best option is go see the Points perform. Half-empty cans of malt liquor regularly take flight when the band digs into its laser-guided garage rock. One need only position himself correctly to bask in the airborne swill. Or, if he’s having a particularly rowdy night, lead singer Geo might simply spit it on you. Either way, it beats option three: getting GA seats at a Dave Matthews concert.