Best Old-School Go-Go Venue

Best: Best (three-way tie): Capitol Pavilion, Ice Box, Metro Club
2nd Best: Byrne Manor
1501 Southern Ave., Oxon Hill, (301) 894-5400
Byrne Manor is never mentioned along with Capitol Pavilion, the Ice Box, or the Metro Club as one of city’s legendary go-go venues—and with good reason. For starters, it’s in Prince George’s County, not D.C. Also, it’s not an actual go-go club but a Knights of Columbus banquet hall that, for decades, has been rented by various promoters. Despite its idiosyncrasies, though, Byrne has one huge advantage over the storied go-go palaces that packed ’em in during the ’80s and ’90s—it’s still open. Byrne (pronounce it “Brian”; nobody says “burn”) is one of the few places left in the region that can boast of hosting multiple generations of go-go acts: everyone from Proper Utensils and Backyard to Suttle and Reaction.