Best Gallery Relocation

Best: Conner Contemporary Art
1358-60 Florida Ave. NE, (202) 588-8750
2nd Best: Project 4
1353 U St. NW, No. 302, (202) 232-4340
Of the galleries that filled out change-of-address forms in the past year, none made a more dramatic move than Conner Contemporary. Leigh Conner left Dupont Circle and opened a new space in the H Street corridor that is big and bright, with three separate exhibition spaces, a courtyard, and a boatload of credibility for the street’s burgeoning, beyond-just-bars-and-burlesque arts scene. The second-best gallery relocation was a subtler move: Project 4 also packed its bags for a new space, and it’s a surprising one—it traded a street-level space for a U Street one that’s several floors above it. But when you reach the top of all the stairs, you’ll see why: It’s the view. The gallery moved into a two-story rooftop space originally intended as a residence (notice the nice kitchen as you walk in) but is converting the space well. It’s airy, sleek, and modern—and worth the climb for both the art and the city panorama.