Best Fringe Show That Didn’t Win a Fringe Award

Best: Born Normal
2nd Best: Manifesto!
Manifesto!, a little firecracker of a show by the Happenstance Theater, is everything Fringe fare is meant to be. Zany. Strange. Impractical. Unstageable. And not only did the company stage it anyway, it created a better, more polished, more professional piece of art than most productions in the festival. Manifesto! is a whimsical spin through some of history’s disparate “isms”: Futurism, capitalism, communism, and Dadaism. And in the end, delightful dada saves the day. A clown walks into a bar. What happens? Da da. And what does all that da-da­ing mean, exactly? Well, to be frank, the most memorable evening of theater at the Capital Fringe Festival—entirely deserving of the exclamation point leaping off the end of its name.