Artomatic 2009 Manual

TAG Tour of Artomatic

Triangle Artists Group (TAG), an organization of more than 100 lesbian and gay artists from the D.C. Metro/Baltimore region, will be conducting an Artomatic tour of this year’s members. Starting at 5 p.m. on Friday, July 3, the tour led by Mark Osele will give a rundown of the best queer art at this year’s Artomatic.

The following TAG members will be part of the tour:

  • Matt Hollis is showing his piece “BIRTH of a GALAXY” on the 9th floor.
  • Tiik Pollet, who also an award winning singer/songwriter and musician, is showing her photography, painting and drawings on the 7th floor.
  • On the 8th floor, there’s a splendid multimedia piece by Tim Tate titled “The Oracle” (see right). It’s made of blown and cast glass, electronic components and original video.
  • Ira Tattelman who Artomatic Manual previously did a Q&A with has his presentation on the 7th floor.
  • On the 6th floor you will find a stunning 3-D standalone from Peter Wood.
  • Richard Kightlinger and Fabian Rios-Rubino are showing their original works on the 4th floor
  • The original paintings from Margaret Dowell are on the 2nd floor.
  • Michael Torra is found on the 2nd floor with his take on abstract art of which he says “I’ve heard some people say that abstract and non-representational art is not accessible to those outside the cultural elite. They’re wrong of course.”
  • Original photography from Colin Winterbottom is on the 2nd floor of which he says “I welcome Artomatic as an opportunity to show types of work I might not show elsewhere”

What’s Your Favorite Piece of Art?

Last night I stopped by Artomatic and while I was heading into an elevator a nice gentleman told me in passing his favorite piece of art was on the 4th floor by Joseph Hale. A photo was snapped, but it doesn’t really do the piece justice:

Is there an exhibit you found especially moving? Just like the friendly man in the elevator, please share your thoughts in the comments below.

Artist Q&A: Samuel Scharf

This year at Artomatic Samuel Scharf is taking a new approach to nature with “The Great Unwashed”. He’s recreated a tree outside of nature – a large scale installation of a sketch Scharf says he has wanted to realize for about a year now. Scharf is essentially “trying to place the trees into an art context as to reevaluate their importance in this changing ‘green’ movement.” Read more Artist Q&A: Samuel Scharf

Weekend Best Bets

No plans yet this weekend? Looking for something cheap and fun to do? Then look no further as Artomatic Manual sums up the weekend happenings at Artomatic. (And as always, if we’ve forgotten something please share it with us and the rest of the Artomatic Manual readers below in the comments.) Read more Weekend Best Bets

Artist Q&A: Christie Otvos

Christie Otvos is trying something different at this year’s Artomatic and not showing her usual glass art. Instead she is showing an upcycled creation made from boxes she found on Craigslist and the newspaper. Otvos says: “I wondered if I would be able to create a piece of art with items around the house or with things that I have available to me for free.”

Her contribution to Artomatic this year, “The Sinking Ship” is inspired by her day job dealing with print media. Otvos says “The Sinking Ship” represents, “the uncharted water I seem to find myself in these days and the uncertaintly or the direciton of my future with my job and my art.”

The ship is surrounded by waves covered on one side with Otvos’ business resume and on the other side her artist resume. The latter resume has “waves going in the wrong direction to represent how difficult and aginst the grain that path would be.” Read more Artist Q&A: Christie Otvos

Exclusive Q&A: PostSecret’s Frank Warren

Most people, both in and out of the D.C. region are familiar with Frank Warren’s project known as PostSecret. The project could be better described as an ongoing experience for anyone who wishes to take part — as Warren accepts anonymous secrets mailed to him on postcards. These secrets later get posted online.

PostSecret made its debut about five years ago at Artomatic and Warren is returning to the event this Saturday for a special book signing of his latest book “PostSecret Confessions on Life, Death and God.

Read more Exclusive Q&A: PostSecret’s Frank Warren

Weekend Preview

In addition to the regularly scheduled Artomatic exhibits and the events you see in our calendar at the left, there are two especially exciting events at Artomatic this weekend.

First of all, there is “Meet The Artists Night” on Saturday, June 13 from 7 to 9 p.m. Make sure to swing by Artomatic to meet the artists behind your favorite exhibits.

And while you’re there, make sure to stop by the 7th floor store for a special visit from PostSecret’s Frank Warren. He’ll be signing his new book while in the background there will be a special screening of video secrets shot on Artomatic opening night.

Check back here this afternoon for special Q&A with Warren as he answers Artomatic Manual’s questions about everything from his new book to making his Artomatic debut five years ago.

Artist Q&A: John Sawyer & Victor Rortvedt

John Sawyer and Victor Rortvedt are presenting a project called reDISTRICTing at the 10th Anniversary of Artomatic. Sawyer and Rortvedt use photo overlays of modern DC scenes with black and white Library of Congress images of the same location from another time. Of the project, they say, “We were inspired by the cultural signals sent by the redevelopment of neighborhoods like U Street, Logan Circle and Penn Quarter, and the city-shaping events that have taken place in the past.” The end result they say gives “a sense of the progression of time, the value of preservation and the changing landscape of our city.”

Read more Artist Q&A: John Sawyer & Victor Rortvedt

The Artomatic Tour Guide to Crafters

Every artist at the 10th Anniversary of Artomatic has in their own unique way created something to show in their space. For this Artomatic Manual Tour, we focus on those who have created handcrafted artwork — the crafters. From those who create via fabric, stitchery, jewelry or decorative painting we’ve highlighted our favorites.

Read more The Artomatic Tour Guide to Crafters

Artist Q&A: Jamie Wimberly

For Jamie Wimberly‘s first Artomatic show, he is showing five pieces which represent part of a series called “Provocations.”

Wimberly explains: “I make constructions using found objects and an iconic treatment of a central figure (the red-headed woman.) The work increasingly references art itself (thus, the whole provocations thing), almost as a reliquary to the past but also pointing to the next period of important art.”

Although this is Wimberly’s first Artomatic show, he has been working in DC as an artist for approximately ten years. Wimberly says that his work has been well received over the years — Wimberly has shown at many galleries in town and was represented by the Fraser Gallery in the past.

How do you feel about taking part in the 10th Anniversary of Artomatic? “After visiting and enjoying Artomatic in years past, this is actually my first time to show my work. I am excited to be in the show this year, especially to interact with the other artists. Making art in DC can be an isolating experience. Kudos to the artists and organizers who have kept the flame alive for ten years!”

Why should an Artomatic visitor make the special trip to visit your space? “The work tends to stand out and attract attention. The pieces are meant to be enjoyed visually but also make you think for a minute. I hope that people find that the work represents the standards that I hold to be true around aesthetics, spirituality, art history, and craftsmanship. Finally, there are some new pieces that have never been shown before. I am interested in hearing people’s reaction.”

Where can we see your work next? “Good question. I am hoping that Artomatic may lead to some other opportunities to show my work, including the possibility of gallery representation again in DC.”

You can see Jamie Wimberly at Artomatic on the second floor, around the corner from the elevators.