How to Fire a DCPS Teacher What it takes to get rid of a teacher who doesn't teach.

You’re the new principal at a D.C. public school. Everyone on your staff knows at least one of your teachers teaches nothing. He sleeps while class is in session, reads the newspaper in class, refuses to follow the curriculum. If you’re lucky, his students teach one another card games during class time.

Something’s got to be done! Time to play Fire That Teacher!

View the chart. (Note: clicking the link will open a 288k PDF file.)

View the chart. (Note: clicking the link will open a 288k PDF file.)

Our Readers Say

Fire the teacher at my school. I go to ankeny high school in Iowa. And I have a horrible teacher who needs to be fired. Mr. Fickbohm needs to go. Thank you!
hey, my english teacher needs to be fired. he does not get anything done, looks up youtube videos of "funny monkeys", he has ordered bribes from students on test (directly stated question on a test; persuade me to give you a good grade), his lack of caaring for his class has ended in multiple events of destruction of school property. he is a lost cause, get him out!
My english teacher needs to be fired i go to Birdville high school in Texas. this teacher speaks worse english the my grandmother and she doesn't know english. we rarly do real work( we draw posters all day.... And i don't think she showers she always stinks) molly jessup needs to be fired ( i would us Ms. but thats only for good teachers.
Thank you
This is good information for a principal to have if she/he to get rid of teacher who takes off every Friday.
I have a problem with a teacher at my child's school. My child attends SUSD in stockton. I've gone through the process of filing complaints and did not know about any time limit to appeal and now nothing is solved. A teacher put her hands on my child and tells the students to shut their pie holes. when i confronted the teacher she yelled at me. this tells me she is not professional with children and parents. I need help to get this teacher fired. She is still working at my child's school. Any advice.
ms.robbins always talk junk to other students.we are in oakridge middle school .

I'm a student attending the new high school in montebello the Applied Technology Center, the teachers and staff or as we call them "facilitators" blame us for not doing good in school, staying off task, etc. Heres the real problem it's not us most of the time its the teachers that still have been teaching for a long while but yet they don't do thier job right; aren't teachers suppose to teach, and aren't students suppose to learn. It should be kept like so thats how it was suppose to be. Sometimes its the teachers who get off task, and then bring thier life into us, the problem I'm having is with my English teacher, here at the ATC teachers sometimes won't keep thier word(we have projects in everything we do from whats P.E. to all the well known subjects in majority in schools) but they will then won't make sure to make us understand, or like they won't give is the time to do our research like they said they would, the teachers are the ones to blame at moments not us!

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