The Answers Issue: Where can I get a $2 or $3 beer in D.C.?

Aside from happy hours, where can a middle class joe like myself just get a good old-fashioned $2 or $3 draft or can in D.C.? While I love $8 bottles of craft IPAs as much as the next guy, I’d like to know if there is anywhere that serves up an affordable draft on a regular basis.

You’re not likely to find $2 drafts anywhere in D.C. during nonhappy hours—it’s 2014, after all, and The Common Share’s been closed for years—but a couple of places do still serve decently priced cans. Red Derby easily has the largest selection of affordable beers: Cans of Budweiser, Natty Boh, and Strohsare two bucks, while PBRs, Tecates, Millers and Miller Lights cost $3. Comet Ping Pong serves PBR for $2.50, as well as a half-pint of any beer on tap for $3. You can also find $3 Natty Bohs at Boundary Road and Showtime Lounge, which also serves $3 Tecates. If you’re in Petworth, try DC Reynolds for $3 Natty Bohs and PBRs.

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Looking for something besides PBR and Natty Boh? Not $3, but Right Proper has fresh delicious drafts for $5 (might be $4 during happy hour). Also, Eater DC recently did a round-up of places with affordable beer that included Glen's Garden Market (eight local drafts priced at $4 a pour), Petworth Citizen ($5), and Vendetta ($5-$6), among others.
Actually all those beers at Red Derby are $1 tax included during happy hour.They are by far the cheapest bar in an expensive city.
RedRocks in Columbia Heights has $3 Brooklyn Lagers during happy hr (all night wed, btw).
DC Reynolds is in Park View (not Petworth). The Bottom Line serves $2.50 Miller Lites on football Sundays and other domestic light beers at various times throughout the week.
Some great answers provided by CityPaper - but surprised not to see the place I go to get $2.00 happy hour IMPORTS.. But, as it's crowded enough during happy hour (& I don't want to encourage them to add even a nickel to their price), I'll only give you a clue: they have the word "Kitchen" in their name.

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