The Answers Issue: Does Car2Go have to pay its parking tickets?

I see Car2Go vehicles illegally parked in rush hour zones all the time with tickets on them. Sometimes I’ve seen the little cars being towed across the street. Yet I’ve never heard of a Car2Go member complain about getting billed for the offense. Is Car2Go eating those tickets and am I paying for them via higher rates this year? Or is the city letting the company off the hook?

Driving a Car2Go doesn’t give you a completely free parking pass. Thanks to a deal with the District that the service pays nearly $800,000 annually for, Car2Go users can park without feeding D.C. parking meters. But the company’s rules clearly stipulate that users must park the vehicle legally upon drop-off. (Zipcar struck a similar agreement with the District in late 2013.) A spokesman for Car2Go’s D.C. office says that if you park in an illegal spot—or a spot that becomes illegal within 24 hours of you parking there—and the vehicle gets a ticket, Car2Go will find you and make you pay.

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Follow up - how much has the city wasted adjudicating invalid tickets for Car2Go? The number of times I've seen a car in a perfectly legal parking spot with a ticket must be in the hundreds by now. Is this a training issue, or do the meter maids doing this just hate the company?
The meter maids have a quota to fill and will write any ticket they feel like to fill this quota, they couldn't give a damn about if the ticket is valid or not. And not just for Car2Go gars

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