CocoRosie at Sixth & I Synagogue Thursday, Nov. 7

Several years ago CocoRosie was called “freak folk,” lumped in with the likes of Animal Collective, Devendra Banhart, and Joanna Newsom. But Sierra and Bianca Casady’s oddness transcends invented music trends. Known for its eclectic appropriation of styles and cultures, CocoRosie has long been the subject of debates about artistic creativity and mixing cuteness with revulsion—some have criticized the duo’s seeming obsession with utilizing African American culture and otherness in their songs. On its fifth album, Tales of a GrassWidow, CocoRosie tones down much of its past weirdness, creating both a more coherent album and a less cringe-inducing listening experience. Current single “Gravediggeress” layers electronic syncopation with delicate piano, and alternates Bianca’s childish singing with Sierra’s more operatic vocals. But growing up doesn’t have to mean becoming boring—the album includes songs like “Child Bride,” which tells the story you would expect, and “Harmless Monster,” a melancholic tale of a ghostly harlot, complete with bird calls and heavily synthesized beats. CocoRosie performs at 8 p.m. at Sixth & I Historic Synagogue, 600 I St. NW. $25. (202) 408-3100.

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