Toast Dec. 5–8 at Arena Stage

Devised-theater company dog and pony dc finds novel ways of including the audience in its performances. The usually untapped resource of viewers, ringleader Rebecca Grossman says, can help deepen a show’s impact. For its new production Toast, dog and pony dc drew inspiration from the invention of the toaster, and explores how ideas are birthed, tinkered with, and eventually become commonplace. In addition to salons that let the public participate in the show’s creation (the last of which will happen Sept. 14 at Arena Stage), dog and pony also works with science and technology collaborators. Lest you think that the show will focus solely on the enthralling intricacies of heating coils, Grossman clarified that it’s “not about a toaster, it’s about the creative process.”


State of the Arts: 2013 Fall Arts Guide

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